Polyurea Vs. Epoxy: 5 Reasons Why Polyurea Concrete Coatings Are Superior to Epoxy Concrete Coatings

polyurea concrete coating

The kids are slipping and sliding as they try to race to the pool.  Your garage floor has chunks missing from dropped bikes and tools.  Your driveway has discolored patches.  What is going on?  Concrete is slippery, porous, and easily cracked.  Your outdoor surfaces have taken years of abuse from the sun and you.  You need a concrete coating to strengthen and beautify your flooring surfaces.  Polyurea concrete coatings are the solution to your problem!

Concrete coatings are available as polyurea coatings or epoxy coatings.  Polyurea concrete coatings are superior to epoxy coatings for multiple reasons.  Polyurea is 4 times stronger than epoxy!  It is UV stable which is important in the Hawai’i sun.  Polyurea is 100% antibacterial and stain-resistant.  Lastly, and very importantly, polyurea concrete coatings are chip and peel-resistant.  Without a doubt, polyurea is superior to epoxy for your concrete coating needs.

Epoxy may be a word more people are familiar with, but familiar isn’t the same as superior.  When Concrete Coatings Hawaii comes to your home in Eva Beach or Kaneohe to apply our polyurea coatings, we know we are bringing you the best product on the market.  All of our coatings are manufactured by Penntek Industrial Coatings.  In this article, we will explore the reasons that polyurea coatings are superior to epoxy coatings.

polyurea concrete coating on stairs

Reason #1 –  Polyurea Is 4 Times Stronger than Epoxy

Polyurea is 4 times stronger than epoxy.  Lending to that strength is the fact that polyurea is also 98% more flexible than epoxy.  You don’t have to just take our word for it though.  Check out Penntek’s “hammer test” video.  In this video, we show that a piece of epoxy coating is broken with one swing of a hammer while our polyurea coating does not break with three swings of a sledgehammer!  Watch the video for the full effect. You will be impressed with the durability and flexibility of our coatings.  As wild as your two-year-old may be, they can’t be worse than a sledgehammer!

Reason #2 – Polyurea Is More UV Stable than Epoxy

Not only are Penntek’s polyurea concrete coatings more UV stable than epoxy, but they are more UV stable than other leading polyurea coatings.  Penntek put their polyurea coating through an Accelerated Weather Tester to simulate extended time exposed to UV rays.  The Penntek coating we use here at Concrete Coatings Hawaii came out looking exactly the same as when it went into the machine.  The leading polyurea coating came out yellowed.  Why does UV stability matter?  Our beautiful state of Hawai’i has the highest average UV index in the U.S.  That is why UV stability matters!  You don’t want to choose a concrete coating that is going to become yellowedand discolored.  You want your concrete coating to look as beautiful years from now as the day it was applied.  

Reason #3 – Polyurea Is 100% Antibacterial

Antibacterial flooring is a benefit because of the high humidity here in Hawaii.  When floors are porous and non-antibacterial, it gives germs, algae, and mold an opportunity to make a home in and on the flooring surface.  With our polyurea concrete coatings, this is no longer a concern even with Hawaii’s high humidity which allows algae and mold to grow easily.  It won’t grow on your floors covered with polyurea concrete coatings applied by Concrete Coatings Hawaii!

Reason #4 – Polyurea Is More Stain-Resistant than Epoxy

We often associate staining with carpet when it comes to floors, but many floor surfaces stain, including concrete.  Because concrete is porous, it stains.  That is why you see driveways with paint spill stains and engine oil stains.  One of the great benefits of polyurea concrete coatings is that they are stain-resistant, just one more reason they are superior to epoxy coatings.  Even the messiest spills easily wipe off our polyurea coatings!

Reason #5 – Polyurea Is More Chip and Peel Resistant than Epoxy

We don’t usually think about it, but our floors are the most touched surface in our homes.  Every room, garage, or patio you walk into, the floor is touched by your feet.  Even if you touched nothing else all day long, if you walk at all, your floor is being touched.  Yet, we often don’t think about the importance of durable, lasting floor surfaces.  With our polyurea concrete coatings, your flooring (garage, patio, pool deck, driveway, etc.) is chip and peel-resistant.  As durable as concrete seems, it easily chips and cracks.  Look at any driveway you drive past.  Cracks, right?  If you watched the “hammer test” video, then you can see how much more chip-resistant our coatings are than epoxy.  Epoxy coatings are easily broken.  Our polyurea coatings will literally look beautiful for your lifetime, without chips or peeling.


We have discussed five reasons why polyurea concrete coatings are superior to epoxy concrete coatings.  Polyurea is 4 times stronger than epoxy.  Polyurea is more UV-stable.  It is 100% antibacterial and is more stain-resistant.  It is also chip and peel-resistant!  If you are ready to say goodbye to stained, cracked, ugly concrete in the driveway, garage, patio, or around the pool, then it is time to contact Concrete Coatings Hawaii.

Concrete Coatings Hawaii is your local concrete coating company located in Honolulu and serving much of our island of O’ahu.  If you aren’t sure if we service your area, simply check out this list or give us a call.  We look forward to transforming your concrete!




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