What Type of Concrete Coating Should You Choose?

Does your outdoor area look great except for the ground?  Stains, cracks, and discoloration make your driveway, backyard, and garage look messy and rundown.  But it doesn’t have to stay that way!  Concrete coatings are a great way to transform any concrete flooring in and around your home!

The best type of concrete coating is polyurea coating.  Most people assume concrete coatings are epoxy.  Polyurea coatings are superior to epoxy coatings.  They are stronger, more durable, and more stain-resistant.  Once you decide to use a polyurea coating, you can choose between chip concrete coating, solid color coating, or formcove coating.  Your last step is to choose the color you prefer.

Concrete coating is a great choice to transform any concrete flooring – whether it is your driveway, garage, pool area, or workspace.  Concrete coatings are perfect for both residential and commercial floors.  This article will discuss why you should choose polyurea coating over epoxy coating, explain the different types of polyurea coating, and discuss color choices.  Concrete Coatings Hawaii has it all!

Polyurea Vs. Epoxy

We could write a whole blog on why polyurea is superior to epoxy, and in fact, we have!  While we will summarize it here, if you are interested in reading more, please check out our blog, “Polyurea Vs. Epoxy:  5 Reasons Why Polyurea Coatings Are Superior to Epoxy Concrete Coatings.”  Polyurea is 4 times stronger than epoxy.  It is also 98% more flexible.  It is virtually impossible to crack!  Polyurea is more UV stable, so it will not discolor from sun exposure.  Polyurea is 100% antibacterial.  It is nonporous, not allowing algae or mold to grow.  Polyurea is more stain-resistant.  That is another benefit that comes with its non-porous surface.  Polyurea is more chip and peel-resistant, as well.  It is overall a superior concrete coating.

Types of Concrete Coating

Here at Concrete Coatings Hawaii, we offer a few types of concrete coatings to choose from to achieve the look you desire for your floor.  We offer chip concrete coating, solid color coating, and formcove coating.  Let’s take a look at each of these to help you decide which one is best for your flooring needs.

Chip Concrete Coating

Our chip concrete coating consists of 3 layers.  The top layer is made of polyaspartic polyurea.  The second layer is made of colored flakes (chips).  The bottom layer is made of polyurea to adhere color flakes.  This is a very popular choice for driveways, garages, pool decks, and showrooms.  We offer a wide variety of color chips, so you can choose a color scheme and look that fits your needs and personal taste.

Solid Color Polyurea Coating

Our solid color coating consists of a single comp polyurea topcoat and a solid color polyurea color coat.  We offer an optional single-coat polyurea clear coat to go over the topcoat.  We also offer a single-coat polyurea primer coat to go below the color coat.  We offer multiple solid colors.  One great benefit of the solid-color polyurea coating is that it can be installed in one day.

Formcove Coating

The area where the floor meets the wall can be tricky.  You don’t want spills seeping into the area, especially if it is a workspace where you are using chemicals, paint, etc. Should you have baseboards installed?  Will that look strange with your new concrete coating floor?  We have the perfect solution if you have any of these concerns.  Our Formcove coating cures into a perfectly fitted cove base that covers the wall and floor seams.  It looks great and gives your floors a professional, finished look. 

Color Choices

Once you have chosen the type of polyurea concrete coating you want, you can choose from the many color choices available.  With our chip coating, you can choose from a variety of chip blends to achieve the look you want.  For example, for beautiful shades of gray, you can choose Tidal Wave or Slate Stone.  If you like tan shades, you might like Pebble Beach or Pecan.  Trail Mix is a beautiful mix of tan and gray.  We offer  15 different blends, so we are confident that you will find one you like! You will have the opportunity to see the samples in person to help you choose.  They give your floor the beautiful look of terrazzo flooring without being slippery!  We also offer multiple colors to choose from for our solid color coatings if you prefer the look of one consistent color.


When it comes to choosing the right concrete coating for your floor, polyurea concrete coatings are the way to go.  They are superior to epoxy in many ways, including durability, stain resistance, and chip resistance to name a few.  At Concrete Coatings Hawaii we offer chip concrete coating, solid color coating, and Formcove coating.  We offer a wide variety of color blends for our chip coatings and multiple colors to choose from for our solid color coatings. 

Concrete Coatings Hawaii is your local concrete coating company, located in Honolulu.  We service most of the island.  If you live in Ewa Beach, Kaneohe, or almost anywhere on O’ahu and are interested in driveway coatings, garage floor coating, or pool deck resurfacing, then give us a call!  Our trained professionals look forward to transforming your concrete for you!

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