Why You Should Choose Concrete Coatings Hawaii

Step on a crack, and you break your mother’s back!  Remember that childhood saying as you walked, skipped, and ran down the sidewalk?  Sidewalks may still have cracks, but your driveway, garage, patio, and pool deck can be free of cracks, stains, or any other unsightly blemish.  How?  It’s simple…concrete coatings.  If you are tired of a worn-out driveway or a slippery pool deck, then it’s time to explore concrete coatings.

There are several reasons to choose Concrete Coatings Hawaii for your concrete coatings company.  Concrete Coatings Hawaii is locally owned and operated.  They are family-owned.  They are a quickly growing company because of the quality of their products and installation.  They serve most of the island of O’ahu!

Concrete Coatings have been around for a while, and they are gaining in popularity.  As people see how great concrete coatings look, discover how durable they are, and are introduced to their many benefits, it is clear why more and more people are choosing to use concrete coatings in their homes and commercial businesses.  This article will discuss why you should choose concrete coatings and why you should choose Concrete Coatings Hawaii.

Locally Owned and Operated

Buying anything from a local company or using a local contractor is an excellent choice.  It supports your local community, and in doing so, you are supporting your friends and neighbors.  Doesn’t that feel better than supporting some huge company that already has billions of dollars?  You bet it does!  Concrete Coatings is locally owned and operated with our office in Honolulu.  We love serving our surrounding communities and our neighbors!  If you are in Kaneohe, Ewa Beach, or other towns in the area and are in need of driveway coatings, patio coatings, or commercial concrete coatings, Concrete Coatings Hawaii is right here and ready to make your concrete beautiful!

Family Owned

Family-owned is different than locally-owned.  A local business may be run by a group of business people or friends.  There is nothing wrong with that!  But, we believe that being family-owned sets us apart.  We believe in the importance of family.  We work well together, knowing each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and we make each other and our business better because of that.

Our business started in our garage, as many small business do.  We are now in our fifth year of business because of our great customers!  We are no longer working out of our garage.  We have two vans, four installers, two design consultants, and we are hiring!  We have great employees and would love to add to our team!

Quality Products and Installation

We use high-quality Penntek coatings.  If you have heard of epoxy flooring and thought that was the way to go, then you don’t know about our awesome Penntek concrete coatings!  Our coatings are made from polyurea, not epoxy.  And, we have very good reasons why we choose to be Penntek polyurea concrete coating installers, instead of epoxy flooring installers.

Polyurea coatings are impact resistant.  You are NOT going to chip our coating.  Let your toddlers go crazy – they can’t damage our coatings!  They are stain- and spill-resistant.  This is a great feature for commercial floors.  If you have paint, grease, or oil in your workplace, our concrete coatings are what you need!  Your floors will look amazing when similar companies have stained, chipped floors. Your workplace will maintain a clean, professional appearance.  Our coatings also offer UV stability.  If you decide to have your driveway, patio, or pool deck coated, they will not discolor from the sun like epoxy flooring does.  No yellowing!  Our coatings are also slip-resistant.  This is an important trait for pool decks.  Kids may be instructed not to run, but what little kid doesn’t love to run and jump into a sparkling pool on a hot day?  They can be a little safer with slip-resistant polyurea coating.

As a family-owned company we take great pride in our work.  Our installers are well-trained as we know their work reflects not only on them but also on us.  As a locally-owned business, we want to be able to look our neighbors in the eye, knowing that we are providing them with the best concrete coatings available, installed by trained, professional installers.  We are Penntek certified dealers which means that we were trained and certified to use this amazing polyurea coating.


Concrete Coatings Hawaii is a locally owned, family-operated business located in Honolulu.  We love beautifying the homes and businesses located on Oahu.  We started as a small business operating out of our garage and five years later we are a successful business because of our awesome customers!  We use only Penntek products because they are the best concrete coatings available.  Polyurea coatings are far superior to epoxy coatings due to their impact resistance, stain resistance, and slip resistance.   With outstanding products and professional installation, your driveway, garage, pool deck, or commercial business will look like it had a makeover!  If you have been considering re-doing your old concrete, now is the time to go for it with Concrete Coatings Hawaii!

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